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Ahahaha, such a dick move XD


Did not see that coming. Very creepy, very awesome, very true.

That was brilliant

What I would give to see axman13's reaction!

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Brilliant game, wasted a fair amount of time completing it.

One bug though... if you leave it paused, the fish and power-up generation seems to continue in the background. This means when I started again after I'd paused it and forgotten about it for a few hours, the page was laggy and jammed with an INSANE amount of fish and power-ups, pretty much completing the game in one flashy, laggy instant.

poxpower responds:

haha good catch I will check that

Oh lawdy...

Play this game too long, and look away from the screen? Everything, everywhere, melts.


It's one of those games I hate with a passion. This is because I love them so much, I wind up playing for five hours straight and almost miss my Uni lectures :P

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I don't know why, because the sound of that kick would normally do my head in, but I'm a fan. I think my only critique would be that I spent most of the second half of the piece waiting for some kind of change in chord structure. Maybe a bridge somewhere, just for that extra sprinkle of satisfying resolution.

Anyway, good stuff :)

djahmusic responds:

I'm uploading randomly here on NG, this track is a bit old... but thank you for enjoying my music =)

Hai there

Just read an old, harsh review I gave you a while back, and thought I'd check some of your other stuff out.

I enjoyed this, especially 0:29 to 0:37 :)

Rexyrex responds:

Thanks for the review!


The emotion embedded into every element of this song is quite awe-inspiring. It's also incredibly generic, whilst being absolutely unique. Your range is awesome, the choked vocals SHOULD make it terrible though, but they just... don't?

When things not nearly half as bad happen to me, I just seem to shut off emotionally and musically. I envy your ability to produce such brilliance mere hours after tragedy, it really is an incredible way to honor somebody's existence and deal with heartache.

Keep up the great work man.

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